What is No Mapping EDI? When considering our “brand”, marketing and what makes us unique, mapping is the difference. We have developed a new methodology of processing EDI transactions that requires no traditional mapping. So, also no map testing. An EDI solution with no mapping allows for a much simpler product. You will be pleasantly surprised.

There must be mapping! There is. But not where it used to be. Something must define translation! I know. The client no longer does this. So, from their perspective, this is “No Mapping EDI.” We’ve automated it. It happens in Nano seconds. Our “Pattern Keys” normalize EDI into our simple canonical XML. Once we integrate our simple XML with your ERP system we can deploy your EDI partners quickly and easily. Not just partners for whom we have already created maps for other clients. We setup new partners in test automatically from inbound data, in seconds. We’ll show you. You’ll like it.

The story; let me explain, there’s no time, let me sum up. Leaving a company in deep frustration having failed to help them on-board faster. I engaged these questions tenaciously.

Why is EDI so difficult?     Why does it take so long?     Why does it cost so much?

These questions have answers. If one can mitigate them, EDI is no longer difficult. If I show an EDI purchase order to one of my colleagues and quiz them; what is the PO #? Who is the buyer? Where is the ship to? How many items? What is the quantity? They know everything. We ‘read and speak’ EDI. I taught the computer EDI. Now it knows how to create complex translation defining pattern keys.

When you need to adjust a pattern key, right click ‘Pattern Adjustment’ on our Tracking page. The example inbound pattern key below is as close as we get to mapping. However, THIS, is created automatically. Our clients do not create pattern keys, they simply adjust them.

So, no mapping EDI is our way of introducing a new EDI Outsourcing Service that will change the game. With no mapping required we are faster than possible, much simpler to support and less expensive.