Mario Pipkin – Partner

Mario is a visual artist, entrepreneur, engineer, certified life coach, business leader, family man, motivational speaker, AND cancer survivor. He would like to call himself a chef, but he likes to put ketchup on almost everything.

He has had a long career in the technology field working in almost every role on his way to becoming an executive responsible for leading worldwide organizations. Along the way, Mario has built business units, groomed leaders, and earned technology patents while earning performance awards and numerous leadership accolades.

Mario’s unwavering passion for helping teams and individuals succeed led him to become a highly sought-after mentor for professionals of all levels. Today, Mario is a certified coach looking to help as many people as possible by sharing lessons and finding new ways to achieve success.

Peter J Puccio III – Partner

Pete is a father, grandfather, entrepreneur, inventor, author and the founder of IEB III.

He has a long career in EDI starting with the Boeing EDI team in the late 80s where he met Mr. Pipkin who later in their careers hired him to work for the Microsoft EDI Team Mario was managing. Following Boeing and Microsoft Pete later worked for other such giants as, Intel and Nike. During our Microsoft years we enjoyed brainstorming ideas perfected by our dual drive and passion for thorough deep thought.

Pete spent his career on technical teams making EDI work and operations run smoothly. His passion as a tenacious, methodical, problem solver keeps him in high demand. He launched the 1st IEB in 1995 that ran for 10 years.

Now this team are bringing his new patented EDI to the world benefiting large and small companies alike leveling the EDI technology playing field.

Dan Gilley – CEO

Dan is CEO of IEB3, the company making history by changing EDI, the market, and leveling the integration playing field. Prior to joining IEB3, Dan has held various leadership roles as owner and CEO in companies that include both business-to-business and business-to-consumer. He works passionately to further corporations and their teams to achieve their personal and professional best.

Dan enjoys supervising and inspiring sales managers and team directors to simplify complex business challenges. He values communicating the vision of IEB3 and sharing his excitement about changes and moving towards the future.

Dan has helped many others to achieve high levels of success, and believes that consistent learning is the key to changing lives. His strength lies in recognizing the value and contributions of each team member. Dan strives to maintain IEB3 as the unsurpassed EDI transaction company.


IEB3 is a proud sponsor of the Slammers, a local Cricket Team. Here we are after league tournament semi-final win. (I’m the little guy front row center.) It was grand to see their joy and enthusiasm, brothers living life playing the game they love, laughing and carrying on as it should be. I miss those days wrestling in my youth.

Go Slammers!

Group Selfie – Joy of Winning!

Salem Cricket Club – T15 Division C Champions!
Slammers celebrate winning their league championship.