All About EDI

These videos are a good education on EDI, its history, the original problem EDI solves, what it was designed to be, what it became and why.

What is EDI?

“EDI is convert this data to that data and send it to that partner.” Describes pure EDI the way it was designed and intended in the 70s. I have an unpublished blog, “There is no EDI” to point out that no company is doing EDI today as was intended.

Who is EDI for?

Also, an unusual answer. It’s not Who anymore, it’s what. The ‘Age of Integration‘ is here to integrate everything with standards. Watch to Telephone pole and driverless car and your doorbell. NO proprietary methods.

How is EDI done today?

Wrong. There are no companies today doing EDI as was intended by its designers half century ago. Which is why large corporations today think EDI is broken and are trying to replace it with anything; json, APIs, portals.

How should EDI be done?

The Right Way. Pure EDI would be unbelievably simple. EDI integration is translating between this data and that format and sending it to this partner. That’s it.

How does IEB3 do EDI?

New patented transformative methods. We mine the data from EDI standard structure and provide it in internal format instantly with no mapping. As it should be; EDI received these 27 fields and placed them in your internal structure. EDI is finished. We track, we trace, that’s it.

Peter J Puccio III – Bio

I share my career in EDI and 30+ year history of outsourcing, consulting, and implementing EDI. We hope this helps people believe a new way of doing EDI is possible. We know something new is needed. Its difficult to believe we simply needed to do EDI right.

Getting Started with IEB3

Our corporate website will very simply explain exactly how to sign up and enter the age of integration with world-class, new, fast, low-cost, EDI. You can sign-up online in minutes.