11 12, 2017

Whats Not EDI?

2023-03-06T06:09:25-08:00By |About EDI|

I hear, “how can this matter?” Letting the borders of EDI fade overwhelms operational support as well as weakens EDI products and services. Keeping clear what is and is not EDI is critical. In the later portion of my career I spent a great deal of time at companies with EDI problems. Which is, [...]

10 12, 2017

…Where’s My Data?

2023-03-06T06:09:26-08:00By |About EDI|

I’ve hyped my Trilogy of frustrating EDI questions because they are the key to my breakthrough methods. This is a fourth bonus question; “…Where’s my data?” This question is almost as important as the other three. Its consideration did not lead to my patent. Yet it is crucial. It has two parts; First, how [...]

9 12, 2017

Why does EDI cost so much?

2023-04-12T04:17:10-07:00By |About EDI|

The third of my EDI questions of frustration. High costs of EDI are of course caused by the answers to the first two questions; “Why is EDI so difficult?” and “Why does take so long?” Yet there are some unique reasons EDI costs too much. The number one cost of [...]

7 12, 2017

Why does EDI take so long?

2023-04-10T06:39:32-07:00By |About EDI|

Welcome back! This is the second post in my three-part blog about the most frustrating questions of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). To review, the questions I’m examining are: Why is EDI so difficult? Why does EDI take so long? Why does EDI cost so much? Today, let’s look at Question #2: “Why does EDI [...]

6 12, 2017

Why Is EDI So Difficult?

2023-03-06T06:09:27-08:00By |About EDI|

Welcome to my blog! Today, I’m presenting the first in a three-part article about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In my next three posts, I’ll be answering three crucial questions about EDI that have bedeviled technology experts for decades: Why is EDI so difficult? Why does EDI take so long? Why does EDI cost so [...]

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