Peter J Puccio III

Yosemite National Park

Passionate, hardworking IT professional with decades of experience, highly driven leader, tenacious, methodical, problem solver, achieving through overcoming stress and getting the best from others.

Mr. Puccio’s last thirty years have been with such giants as Boeing, Microsoft, Intel, as well as many large and small IEB businesses relationships. Currently contracting for Nike.

Our expertise is really in two areas; Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as well as Operational Support. This gives IEB an often rare perspective of building something with the understanding of what it will be like to support it. We build systems that run smooth and rarely fail. When issues occur they self-correct as often as possible, automatic notification follows with corrective action to ensure the issue does not happen again. Our documentation is accurate and useful. This is what every operations person dreams of but can almost never have. At IEB we create it.​

Maybe it is time for the voice of experience, for someone who knows EDI and Operations to review your needs and find a way to achieve your goals.